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My life as a potter began 12 years ago, initially to break the monotony of stained glass windows with hundreds of pieces of glass. It quickly became a passion and so much more.  I literally am lost in my work when I sit down to the potter's wheel.

The "Magnolia Collection" has been so much fun and very rewarding.  My latest collection is the Mask series, looking very tribal, yet Samurai as well.  They are a combination of my influences over the years.  They are not insidious, as some have said; they are not a reflection of my dark side.  They are moody with  lots of attitude.

Each mask is          approximately 10 pounds and measure 16" by 10 or 11." They range in price from $200 up to $385 for the more complicated ones.  Snakes, lizards and other critters add to the price.

To date there are 64 masks in the collection.