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Chartreuse Bowl By Rich Daniels

Rich Daniels is artist, owner, dish-washer, maintenance man, lawnboy, etc.  He is a      retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps, having served nearly 30 years of    active duty. 

Detail of St. Andrew's Baptismal Window by Rich Daniels

In July 1999, before the ink was dry on his retirement papers, The Quilt and Stained Glass Company opened its' doors in historic downtown New Bern.  He and his wife, Donna, had a wonderful business providing supplies for quilts and glass, and offering numerous classes.  

In 2003, they purchased a lovely historic property in sleepy little Pollocksville and closed the New Bern business in 2004.  The tranquility of Pollocksville is inspiring and a joy to visit. 

"Magnolia of the South" Vase by Rich Daniels

Custom fused sink by Rich Daniels

 Egret Teapot w/feather finial.  By Rich Daniels Private Collection